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2014 Annual Meeting, Jeju

Plenary Speakers :

   Chen, Zhiming (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
  Reverse Time Migration for Inverse Scattering Problems

   Fonseca, Irene  (President of SIAM, Carnegie Mellon University)
  Variational Methods in Materials and Image Processing

   Park, Haesun (Georgia Institute of Technology)
  Fast Topic Discovery in Large Document Collections by Nonnegative Matrix Factorization

Public Lecture

    Lee, Chang-Ock (KAIST)  

   일시: 11월 20일 오후4시
   장소: 제주대학교 국제교류회관 1층 대회의실
   제목: "수학과 IT, 세상을 어떻게 바꿨을까" (How the world has been changed by mathematics and information technology)