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2016 Spring Conference, NIMS, Daejeon

Special Session Speakers :

    CMAC-Computational and Experimental Mathematics: organizer, 이은정
   Muhammad Arshad  (Mathematics, Yonsei University)
  A multiscale mortar method for nonlinear problems
            (with Eun-Jae Park)

   Lee, Kyounghun (Computational Science and Engineering, Yonsei university)
  Correlation-based reconstruction method for lung imaging in electrical impedance tomography
            (with Seo, Jin Keun)

   Park, Hyoung Suk (Computational Science and Engineering, Yonsei University)
  Towards Beam Hardening Correction in X-ray CT

   Dong, Shijie (Computational Sciences and Engineering, Yonsei University)
  Error Analysis of A HDG Method for Helmholtz Equation With Large Wave Numbers
            (with Eunjae Park)

   Minam Moon (Department of Mathematics, Korea Military Academy)
  Multiscale discontinuous finite element method

   Gahyung Jo (Mathematics, Yonsei University)
  An axisymmetric finite element approach for triple junction with singularity
            (with Hi Jun Choe; Seong-Kwan Park)

    CMAC-Mathematical Modeling and Computation: organizer, 조가형
   LEE,JUNGKYUNG (mathematics, Yonsei University)
  Chaos expansion for subordination of Lévy process
            (with HI JUN CHOE, JIMIN LEE)

   Macha, Vaclav (CMAC, Yonsei)
  Regularity of solutions to generalized Stokes problem

   KIM JONGEUN (mathematics, Yonsei University)
            (with Choe Hi Jun, Jeongho Chu)

   Tongkeun Chang (Department of mathematics, Yonsei University)
  Initial and boundary values for Lq (Lp) solution of the Navier-Stokes equations in the half-space

    Collective dynamics of many-body complex systems and related problems: organizer, 하승열
   Zhang, Xiongtao (mathematic department , Seoul National University)
  Flocking emergent in Cucker-Smale-Fokker-Planck model coupled with Viscous Burgers equation: 1-D case
            (with Professor Seung-Yeal Ha, Professor Qinghua Xiao)

   Park, Jinyeong (Department of Mathematical Sciences, Seoul National University)
  Synchronization of the Kuramoto oscillators with adaptive couplings
            (with Seung-Yeal Ha, Se Eun Noh)

   Huh, Hyungjin (Mathematics, Chung-Ang)
  Dynamical system approach to synchronization of the coupled Schr\
            (with Ha, Seung-Yeal)

   hyeong-ohk bae (금융공학과, 아주대)
  interaction of particles and fluids
            (with 하승열,김용식)

    Computational and Applied Algebraic Geometry: organizer, 곽시종
   Insong Choe (Mathematics, Konkuk University)
  Problems on hyperdeterminants

   MICHAŁEK, Mateusz  (,, Polish Academy of Sciences)

   cho, dosang (,, 국가수리과학연구소)
  응용대수기하 소개

   Woo, Youngho (,, 국가수리과학연구소)
  Introduction to Tensor Rank and Polynomial Waring Problem

   Rodriguez, Jose Israel  (Department of Applied and Computational Mathematic, University of Notre Dame)
  Numerically computing Galois groups for applications

   Moon, Hyunsuk (,, KAIST)
  Real Rank Geometry of Ternary Forms

    Mathematical approaches for decision making of intelligent systems: organizer, 안재명
   Lee Daniel (항공우주공학과, 한국과학기술원)
            (with 최한림)

   Jeong, Seongsik (Department of Aerospace Engineering, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
  Path Planning for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to Maximize Survivability
            (with Uihwan Choi, Jaemyung Ahn)

   Choi, Uihwan (항공우주공학과, KAIST)
  Autonomous UAV Mission Planning in Battlefield Environment Using Markov Decision Process
            (with 정성식, 안재명)

   Han-Lim Choi (Aerospace Engineering, KAIST)
  Stochastic Optimal Control in Cluttered Environment with Topological Motion Planning
            (with Jung-Su Ha)

    Mathematical Image Analysis and Processing: organizer, 이남용
   Choi, Jae Kyu (Institute of Natural Sciences, Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
  Wavelet Frame Based Image Restoration Model for Piecewise Smooth Functions and Geometric Structure Estimation
            (with Bin Dong, and Xiaoqun Zhang)

   Yeo, Doyeob (Department of Mathematical Sciences, KAIST)
  Prior Shape Segmentation with Level Set Method-Using an Initial Curve Obtained by Image Registration
            (with Chang-Ock Lee)

   Lee, Ji-Yeon (기계ICT융합공학부, 선문대학교)
  Block Iterative Image Deblurring for Spatially-Varing Blurs
            (with Lee, Nam-Yong)

   Kwon, Hyeuknam (Department of Computational Science & Engineering, Yonsei University)
            (with Jin Keun Seo)

   Ko, Min-Su (Mathematical Sciences, KAIST)
  Network discretization of Faraday’s law and reconstructing anisotropic resistivity
            (with Yong-Jung Kim)

    Mathematical Methods in Finance: organizer, 윤지훈
   Jeon Junkee (Mathematical Sciences, Seoul National University, Seoul 151-747)
  Closed form valuation of American chained knock-in options
            (with Han Heejae, Kang Myungjoo)

   Kim, Geonwoo (수리과학부, 서울대학교)
  A hybrid model for valuing the credit default swap with counterparty risk

   Roh, Kum-Hwan (Department of Mathematics, Hannam University)
  An Optimal Consumption and Investment Problem with Quadratic Utility and Subsistence Consumption Constraints: A Dynamic Programming Approach
            (with Yong Hyun Shin, Jung Lim Koo)

   Lee, Younhee (Department of Mathematics, Chungnam National University)
  Comparison of numerical methods for option pricing under the CGMY model
            (with Lee, Ahram)

    Numerical methods for hyperbolic equations: organizer, 김상동
   Kim, Changho (Computer Engineering,, Konkuk University Glocal Campus)
  Hybrid WENO method for the ideal MHD equation
            (with Youngsoo Ha, Kwang-il Yoo,)

   Ki-Ha Kim (Yonsei University, Computational Science and Engineering)
  Application of velocity-components decoupled projection method to incompressible viscous flows in polar coordinate
            (with Jung-Il CHOI)

   Youngsoo Ha (Department of Mathematical Sciences, SNU)
  Application of a multi-dimensional limiting process to central-upwind schemes for solving hyperbolic systems of conservation laws
            (with Seongju Do, M.Kang, Chang Ho Kim)

   Lee, Yong Hun (Mathematics, Chonbuk National University)
  Note on a conservative method for scalar hyperbolic equations
            (with Sang Dong Kim)

   Lee, Yeon Ju (Department of Mathematics, Korea University Sejong Campus)
  PDE based image de-noising methods

    Optimization methods: organizer, 윤상운
   Gue Myung Lee (Department of Applied Mathematics , Pukyong National University)
  On Solving a DC Optimization Problem with SOS-convex Polynomials and a Support Function
            (with Jae Hyoung Lee)

   Yun, Sangwoon (Mathematics Education, Sungkyunkwan University)

   Ahn, Chi Young (Integrated Mathematics, National Institute for Mathematical Sciences)
  Optimization Problem for Determining the 3D Position of 2D Echocardiography Data
            (with Sangwoon Yun)