Quick Menu

Quick Menu can be set to display always, on scroll to, or even between custom scroll markers that you place onto your stacks page! Create custom menus that display exactly when you need them too~



Select both Vertical and Horizontal orientations! Center Menus Vertically, Align them to the top, bottom, left, right and more!


Hidden Items

Set specific items to "hidden" so that they only display when the menu is opened!


Display Options!

Select between different display options such as "Always display", "Display on Scroll to" and even create custom "SHOW/HIDE MARKERS" for the perfect display!


Custom Actions!

Select from custom action presets such as a simple link, scroll to Top, Bottom, Markers, or even a custom javascription function!





Scroll to Top


Scroll to Bottom


Scroll to Marker


Individual or Shared Styles

Menu items can all share the same style, or with the simple tick of a checkbox, items can can have their own individual styles!.


Endless Styles, Endless Creativity

Choose custom icons for each item from the best icon fonts on the web suchas Google Material Icons, Fontawesome, and Ionicons!